Comedian Ruby Wax and Education Minister Christopher Pyne have joked on television about having a baby together on a far-flung planet.


“We’re going to have a child together,” Ms Wax quipped on ABC television’s Q&A program, where she appeared alongside Mr Pyne on Monday night.

Panellists on the popular show were discussing the possibility of an Earth-like planet being discovered and needing to be populated when Ms Wax made the comment, which was greeted by laughter from the live audience.

“On the other planet do you think there’s people like him?” Ms Wax added, referring to Mr Pyne, who was seated next to her.

The subject of Mr Pyne and Ms Wax’s hypothetical progeny wouldn’t go away, with Mr Pyne later asking Labor senator Penny Wong: “What about Ruby and I having a child, didn’t you hear that bit?”

In another moment, Mr Pyne turned sheepish about the plan.

“Don’t tell my wife, she would be very embarrassed,” Mr Pyne said.

“It doesn’t matter, when we’re up there who’s going to know,” Ms Wax retorted.

The show’s host, Tony Jones, was keen for more detail about the pair’s future offspring.

“Can I just ask the two of you what you would call him or her?” he asked the politician and comedian.

Usually full of answers, this question seemed to stump Mr Pyne.

“You’re the comedian, you have to come up with the name,” he told Ms Wax.

“Mr Chatterbox,” Ms Wax quickly replied.

The light-hearted banter comes as Mr Pyne vows to push ahead with the federal government’s higher education reforms, despite leading universities warning they could withdraw support for them.

The universities say they’re concerned the Senate won’t accept deregulation of university fees, and that the original intention of reforms has been lost.