Tony Mokbel has pled guilty to various drugs charges, but has been cleared of murdering gangland patriarch Lewis Moran.


On Monday, Mokbel pleaded guilty in the Victorian Supreme Court to trafficking a large commercial quantity of methylamine between July 2006 and June 2007.

He also admitted trafficking a large commercial quantity of ecstasy between February and August 2005.

Mokbel pleaded guilty to a further charge of urging an undercover officer to commit the offence of importing ecstasy into Australia.

The court heard all other matters against Mokbel will be discontinued.

On Tuesday, court orders which suppressed Mokbel’s name, and the outcomes of other legal proceedings involving him, were lifted by the Victorian Supreme Court following his guilty plea.

It can now be reported that Mokbel faced charges in 2009 in relation to the murder of Lewis Moran, and was found not guilty by a Supreme Court jury.

It had been alleged Mokbel paid for the March 2004 execution of Carlton Crew member Lewis Moran during a spate of violence between rival groups.

Also previously suppressed, was the fact that in May 2009, prosecutors dropped a murder charge laid against Mokbel for the killing of Michael Marshall, 38, in South Yarra in 2003.

Mokbel disappeared from Melbourne while on trial in March 2006.

While on the run Mokbel was sentenced by a Victorian judge to at least nine years in prison for importing nearly 2kg of cocaine from Mexico.

He was arrested by Greek police in Athens on June 5, 2007, and extradited back to Australia in May 2008.

Appearing in court during his guilty plea on Monday, Mokbel appeared relaxed. He wore a charcoal suit, white shirt and blue tie.

Mokbel was equally casual during a hearing relating to the suppression orders on Tuesday.

He appeared in court via videolink from prison in a suit and his customary red tie, which he had worn for many previous court appearances.

Sitting at a table, Mokbel had a book in front of him that he scribbled in at times.