Jacqui Lambie is looking for Facebook friends to join her new political party.


The independent senator has applied to register the Jacqui Lambie Network as an official party, with goals of highlighting Tasmanian issues and getting more members elected to state and federal parliaments.

Senator Lambie says anyone interested in becoming a party member should get in touch with her via Facebook.

“There will be a number of core beliefs that will bring supporters of the Jacqui Lambie Network together,” she said in a statement on Tuesday.

Chief among those is that party members must always put the interests of their state first.

The network’s proposed constitution says the party’s objectives are to represent the people of Tasmania and to focus on local issues.

The party will also push for changes to electoral laws to give more information about the affiliation of candidates.

Other core issues include a special interest in issues affecting serving and veteran Defence personnel, opposition to Sharia law, requiring dedicated seats in parliament for indigenous representatives, cutting the foreign aid budget to fund universities, and the creation of special economic zones to help out regional areas.

The senator will soon release a book containing her parliamentary speeches and more policy information.

If Senator Lambie quits her own party, a clause in the constitution requires its management to immediately remove her name from the party’s title.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Senator Lambie’s new political party was an interesting development.

“We are a very exciting and vibrant democracy and anyone can run for parliament, anyone can start a new party,” he said.

“One way of becoming immediately registered, as I recall, is to have a representative in the federal parliament, and so she ticks that box immediately by being a senator.”