There had been concerns the extra long Easter and Anzac Day long weekend could see a fall in church attendance this Sunday.


But church leaders say the opposite is true.

Dean Peter Catt of St John’s Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane said numbers were up by 50 per cent, with more than 750 attending.

And other parishes like Ipswich and Grantham (where January flooding was particularly devastating) also recorded higher-than-normal attendance figures, Dr Catt said.

“As to why they were there? I guess all the natural disasters and some of the other stuff that’s happening in the world has got people asking questions about ultimate meaning and the like,” he told AAP.

“I guess that could be the reason, but people were not talking about that as being the reason they were there.

“I think there might just be a heightened sense of community that’s probably a by-product of all the stuff they’ve faced.”

The Uniting Church reported similar record attendance.

Reverend Stewart Cameron, the lead minister for one of the church’s largest Queensland congregations, said attendance numbers were well up across the board.

Rev Cameron said attendance levels at his own church – the New Life Uniting Church at Robina on the Gold Coast – were up by at least 10 per cent.

That was partly because holidaymakers on the Gold Coast had come along to services, he said.

“I also think the uncertainty of the last six months with what’s happened here in Queensland and New Zealand and Japan and everything else, I think that’s part of it as well,” he told AAP.

“So many people are looking for a message of hope and Easter’s about that.”

A spokesperson for the Catholic archdiocese of Brisbane said about 1200 people had come together at St Stephen’s Cathedral in Brisbane at Sunday’s mid-morning service, with standing room only.

He said the numbers had also been strong at services around the state.